About us

Our mission

Founded in 2005, OVE Decors offer an extensive collection of products of our own design at the leading edge of technology, design and trends. Our collections feature outdoor furniture, kitchen and bathroom designs, with vanities, showers, bathtubs and accessories available throughout Canada and the U.S. at major retailers and showrooms. Our dynamism and responsiveness to clients make our product selection and support truly unique.


We strive to conceive collections based on thoroughly researched designs that respond to the needs of every one of our customers. OVE Decors products are subjected to extensive tests and quality controls, including a comprehensive review of each of the series produced. Every product offered must pass our exacting process and meet our clients’ express needs. Constantly innovating, OVE Decors produces more than 150 original designs yearly.


With OVE Decors you access a superior quality product line that features refined designs at affordable prices. We source the best quality materials and ensure our design parameters are continually updated. The outstanding quality of our products stems from this combination of meticulous material selection and steadfast determination to offer an exceptional product reflecting the highest standards of design and style.

Our partners

We partner solely with suppliers reputed for the quality of their manufacturing and specialized personnel. For each of our clients we consider it a point of honor to conduct market research. We study their target market and customers’ needs to decide together on an exclusive product line that suits their price range to perfection.